My Name is „Blochi“. (which is of course not my real name, but i´d like to be associated with it)

One day, when i was around 14 years old, i was bored at home and didn´t knew what i should do with my time. So i decided to help a few friends of mine to film some random stuff, which they did a lot during that period. After that day, i spent all my savings on camera gear and my passion for film & visual arts was born. (Which is funny, cause i thought of myself as a completely uncreative person at that time)

When i turned 22 i decided, to make a career in filmmaking & photography and this internal decision made me go all in on this adventure. After 6 years since that decision i can say, i absolutely bet on the right path. I had the pleasure to work with major artists and brands in the music industry and i also started my own creative collective. | BLCK ALPACA